The back story


My journey started in 2013, when I opened my first salon, based on the concept that everyone matters. For years, I worked in a high-end salon that ran us ragged. We were just robots doing a job. I worked day and night, with little time for my family. 

The work atmosphere was charged with tension, and there was huge pressure to cycle through customers as quickly as possible. I hated the lack of connection and personal touch in that salon. The only thing that seemed to matter was making money. 

Those experiences gave me a vision for something better. 

I wanted to open a trendy, and beautiful salon staffed with professionals who really knew what they were doing—and really cared about their clients. Finally, I took a chance – a chance to bring something better, something that could give me the satisfaction, something that could give me an opportunity to serve others. I opened my own Salon – the Ashley Clarke Salon!

Here at Ashley Clarke Salon, our clients aren’t just customers—they’re guests who have come to us for the valuable service we provide, and we are thrilled to be part of their lives for a time. There’s nothing that captures a personality like a cutting-edge hairstyle. It can highlight someone’s quirky sense of humor or accentuate their suave sophistication. We love taking the time to learn about our guests and help them find a look they will love to see in the mirror.

Ashley Clarke Salon isn’t just a salon—it’s a community!

We have a genuine care and concern for our guests, and we love to catch up on what’s happening in your life—the good, the bad, and even the ugly. Our team is highly trained, professional, and up on all the latest trends. But most importantly, we have a genuine care for people!

When you think about it, hair is kind of like life. It keeps growing, developing, and changes over time. Sometimes it’s beautiful and put-together. Other times it’s tangled and messy. We embrace this messiness, and would love to help you comb-out some of the tangles.

But it’s not all about looking good. We want your scalp and hair to be at optimum health. That’s why we provide an in-depth consultation to create a plan for comprehensive hair and head health. We want you to look good, and to feel good.

Come and see us at Ashley Clarke Salon! We’d love to meet you.