Who are we?!


Good question, it’s taken me (Ashley) a few years to figure this one out. I trained as a hairdresser, not a business woman. I started training in one of Scotland’s most prestigious salons at 15 years old, an age where your mouth is almost constantly open in surprise with the new things in life you are taking in as you enter the world of adulthood and although my time there was a very short part of my life I absorbed the industry do’s & don’ts very quickly. 

Fast forward a year or 2 and I find myself working in a village in Fife. Now WOW was that different??! There was a drastic difference in professionalism and not a patch on where I’d come from. 

But.... there was something that the prestigious Salon never had and that was a FRIENDLY community presence! Being based in the city this was never going to happen! So my brain starts going what do I want to create? What’s my vision? What would I want if I went to a salon?


Well here it is. 


Our salons are really the best of both worlds. When you visit Ashley Clarke Salons, you will receive nothing less than luxury. From the professional consultations from our highly qualified stylists, to the luxurious range of hair products and treatments we offer you will feel like you have stepped into a high-end salon in the heart of the city. This is reflected in the salon’s décor; which vary in both. Crystal chandeliers, massage chairs, marble with rose gold finishes, elegant floral displays etc. It is everything you would expect from a big brand salon. 

But at the same time, you will be made to feel like you are in your local salon you’ve gone to for years. This is all down to our staff. Our staff are extremely friendly, down to earth and welcoming. We are a family of like minded individuals who are all passionate about our work and passionate about enjoying everyday with all our wonderful clients. This can more often than not be felt as soon as your first visit with us. We want you to experience not only amazing hair but the professionalism & friendliness of our team.

If you haven’t been to our salons before, please do come and be the judge of who we are yourself. I’m very confident you won’t be disappointed.


My most sincere wishes

Ashley Clarke